When it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics, whether for design or commercial purposes, we have got you covered! SD Power Customs is the premier car wrap customization shop in San Diego. Our vinyl wrap San Diego services range from high-end automotive styling to simple business graphic based advertisements.

With professionally trained and certified installers, we can create your dream car with the highest quality standards. We have become a one-stop destination for vehicle graphics, headlight modifications, racing stripes and complete vehicle design.

Our creative team also designs custom graphics, signs and banners, and advertising design to get your San Diego area business noticed.

One Place, Hundreds of Colors

At SD Power Customs’ Vinyl Wrap San Diego studio, we stock hundreds of wrap colors and finishes. There are a wide variety of designs, eye-catching colors, graphics and more to give a unique look to your vehicle.

We only use the highest quality, highest performing, cast vinyl materials by reputable brands and if you can’t find the color you are looking for, we will customize it for you.

Our specialty is and has always been in performance luxury vehicles and exotics. Our facility has all the latest equipment and tools to help ensure we provide the top notch wrap quality. Stop by and get the best vinyl wrap San Diego services for passionate car enthusiasts!!!

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We can find the perfect color for you! Just send us an image of what you want!
We offer many special deals and discounts! Prices may vary depending on material.
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Why Choose A Vehicle Wrap?

Add Style or Custom Designs to your car

Looking to change the color of your vehicle, but don’t want to spend a fortune painting it through a body shop? Enhance the looks of your car with full-color vehicle wraps in San Diego and modify it according to your personal choices.


A car wrap is essentially a non-permanent way to change your car appearance. If you ever want to change your wrap or apply a new design, you can easily remove the wrap without damaging the original finish.

Advertising Opportunities

Wraps not only contribute to a smooth, unique look but also offer new methods for advertising. It is an easy way to boost your brand awareness and increase the revenue of your business, new or established. Vinyl wrapping will turn your vehicle into a colorful, eye-catching, rolling billboard!

Protect Your Vehicle

Vehicle wrapping protects and preserves your original paint finish. With color-safe prints, our wraps will last through the life of your car.

How Do You Install A Wrap?

At SD Power Customs, we pride ourselves on quality work and results. We begin our process by ensuring the vehicle is absolutely clean before we start applying any vinyl.

We then lay the vinyl over the existing paint of the vehicle using a heat. We smooth out any bubbles along the way to make sure your vinyl wrap looks flawless!

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