Add a new dimension to your commercial space with premium quality yet cost-effective window tints offered by SD Power Customs.

We are providing tinting services in San Diego for 15 years and have maintained our reputation in the industry by offering superior finish and best installation. Our highly experienced team is proficient in applying window tints to homes, commercial places and vehicles.

We produce decorative, safe and UV protected tints. You can either select window tints with VLT value of 5% or you can get your desired VLT value on order.

We offer the following professional window tinting options:

  • Solar films
  • Security Films
  • Decorative films
window tinting
commercial window tinting

Why Do You Need Commercial Window Tinting?

Saves Energy

Protective Window tints block up to 80% of TSE (Total Solar Energy) from entering your office space. It helps to increase the cooling efficiency and reduce the air conditioning expenses. In winters, it also helps to lower the heating bills.


Commercial window tinting is the best way to provide security and privacy to your warehouses and commercial buildings. This in turn also protects your furnishings and interiors from heat.

Increase Productivity

Window tints help to cut the sun glare on the computer screens. Employees sitting by the windows will no longer complain about eye aches and strain problem which ultimately helps them to stay productive. Also, it increases the space utilization.

Reduce Fading

Commercial window tinting services in San Diego shield fabric, flooring, furniture, and artwork from sun damage and build a protective layer against the break-ins.

Natural Light

At SD Power Customs, you’ll get window films which never block the natural light. They also lower the usage of electricity in daytime up to 54%.

SD Power Customs – Window Tinting Features

Installers at SD Power Customs take pride in installing high-quality, maintenance free window tint at your commercial place offering a flawless appearance. It renders soothing indoor atmosphere by dispersing the sunlight softly.

Perfect Installation

We have a trained staff that installs the window tints in commercial as well as residential space. Our installers film any type of glass regardless of size and shape without leaving flaws like air bubbles etc.

Customer Service

We offer a lifetime warranty on our window tints and they work far beyond the expectation of our clients.

Our Installation Process

  • We first, inspect and take measurements of the glass that needs to be tinted.
  • We then cut the window film with an extra margin at all the ends.
  • Next, we clean windows thoroughly and apply the film on a wet glass.
  • After spraying the outside surface of the film, we use Squeegee to press the film onto the glass.
  • At the end, we trim the extra film and squeegee dry.

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