Looking for a cost-effective method to transform the look of your yacht? We’ve got a solution for you!

Yacht Wraps gives your yacht, the benefits of security with its waterproof qualities and an option of an exciting makeover with a wide variety of colors and designs. We only use the highest quality vinyl wraps that ensure durability against violent weather conditions at the sea.

SD Power Customs is a San Diego based company serving yacht wrapping industry for the last 15 years. We have earned our reputation in the industry by providing superior installation of vinyl yacht wrap that can stand against the wear and tear for years.


Why Choose Yacht Wrapping?

Cost Savings

By vinyl wrapping your yacht, you can save up to 30-60% of your expenses you spend on high-quality marine paint services.

Time Savings / Fast

Depending on the size of your yachts, vinyl yacht wrap installation can usually be completed within 2 days.


Vinyl wraps can be customized according to the needs. You can get a brand name, promote an event or design a stylish graphics onto the vinyl.

Easy maintenance

Yacht wrap requires low maintenance costs. Any damages or scratch to the wrap can be recovered by a simple patch. You don’t need to spend on re-wrapping the entire hull.

Easily Removable

You can maintain the resale value of your boat by applying yacht wrap, it protects the original paint and if you ever want to change it, you can proceed without worrying about the damage to the paint underneath.

What we have on offer?

  • Standard Color Wraps – To change the entire color of the boat or to cover the oxidized paint
  • Matt & Metallic Wraps – To change the color of hull and superstructure.
  • Protective Film Wraps – To use on the Yacht exhausts to remove the smoke stains.
  • Boat sponsor Logos – To print brand name on the boat
  •  Vinyl Striping –  To add statement to the sides of the Yacht
  • Boat Name – To print a special name on the boat using silver chrome

SD Power Customs’ Yacht Wraps Package Features:

Boat Wrap Installation

We value your time and privacy! SD Power Customs has the manpower to accomplish installation tasks with minimal disruption to your business. As per our client’s convenience, we can install marine vinyl wrap to yachts and boats within the hours suitable to our clients whether in the morning, late night or on weekends.

High-Quality Materials

At SD power customs, we only use high-quality materials that provide flawless installation of vinyl yacht wraps in San Diego and meet the expectations of our customers. As customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority, our project coordinators will help you in selecting the marine wraps that suit your needs.

Experienced Installers

Each of the installer at SD Power Customs is specialized in his respective fields whether it is the installation of window tints, aircraft wrap, marine vinyl wrap or car filming. So, when you visit us, we assign you an experienced installer to provide you top quality service.

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