Applying a Yacht Window Tint is a perfect solution to tackle the visibility challenges caused by the reflected glare at sea during the daytime. Tinting curved yacht windows can also protect the internal components of the Yacht.

SD Power Customs deals in all kinds of yacht window tinting in San Diego,CA and nearby areas. We have a wide variety of yacht window tints for our customers to meet their unique demands.

We have a simple aim of making your days more comfortable at sea with high-quality window tints without compromising the aesthetic beauty of your yacht.

Marine Window Tint

Why Do You Need To invest in Yacht Window Tint?

Glare Reduction

Tinting curved boat windows protect the sailor from distraction caused by sunrays and water especially when UV rays reflect off the water during the bright day. Also, it allows passengers to enjoy the stain-free sea view.

Protection Against Violent Weather

The yacht window tint layers provide protection against the damage and destruction caused by storm, rain and flying debris. The window tints we deal in, can withstand the wind and prevent the water from entering inside.

No Accidental Injury

The broken pieces of an ordinary glass are the major reason for injuries after a boat accident. We use window tints of high adhesive quality that reduce the hazardous effects of the broken glass.

Heat Reduction

The boat window tint can block up to 91% of infrared rays which in turn maintain the normal room temperature to let the passengers relax in the cool environment of the vessel.

Crime Protection

By getting window tints installed by SD Power Customs, you can protect your boat from smash-and-grab thieves who usually penetrate the glass for entering the cabin.


Window tinting also provides a crystal clear view from inside and obscures the view into your cabin adding more privacy.

Our Package Features:

Professional Installation

Here at SD Power Customs, we provide free mobile service at your doorstep with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can trust us for flawless installation without worrying about peeling, bubbles and gaps.

Use of Premium Products

We carry premium installation equipment and tints that provide guaranteed protection from glare, fading, sun rays and helps in saving energy expenses all year.

Competitive Costs

SD Power Customs offers its customers an unbeatable quality of products and professional installation at a very competitive price.

Experienced Installers

We have a team of skilled installers who are specialized in their respective fields including residential, commercial, cars, aircrafts and yacht window tinting in San Diego. We respect our customer’s privacy and take care of their furnishings during the installation process.

If you have any further queries regarding yacht window tinting, connect with our tinting experts now:

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