Welcome to SD Power Customs, Southern California’s number one choice for Plasti Dip in San Diego.

Our services include liquid car wrapping, auto dipping, removable painting and auto wrapping. We specialize in dipping everything from wheels, emblems, grilles, trims to full car dipping.

What is Plasti-Dip?

Plasti dip is an original peelable, flexible, rubber coating used to both protect and give a new look to automotive surfaces such as rims, badges, trim, and more! Plasti dip is durable, but also removable if you ever want to change the look of your car again.
It does no damage to the vehicle if properly installed and can give the car a brand new look at a very affordable price.

It is a relatively new product that comes in aerosol cans and can be sprayed onto most of the surfaces on the exterior of your car. It puts down a thin synthetic rubber-like layer that protects the surface underneath.

DIP Specials

Professional Plasti Dip In San Diego

If you are looking for Plasti Dip shops in California, look no further. SD Power Customs offers top quality, professional & custom installation of Plasti Dip products on your vehicle. What’s even better, if you don’t like the look, the spray film easily gets peeled off in little time, leaving the finish in it’s original state, 100% unblemished.

As a preferred Plasti Dip California company, we work with uncompromised efficiency and strict attention to detail. All our professionals are full-service dippers, offering unparalleled customer service from start to finish, as well as after sales advice, guidance and support.

What Do We Dip?

  • Wheels/Rims
  • Badges & Emblems
  • Grilles
  • Hood
  • Spoiler
  • Taillights
  • Headlights
  • Anything
  • Full Body

Why Choose Plasti Dip for Your vehicle?

New Look For Your Car

Plasti Dip is an excellent choice to those who want to customize the color on their vehicle at an affordable price. With Plasti Dip products, you can easily change the color of almost anything on your vehicle. It’s long lasting and really easy to use!

Affordable Price

One of the main problems for those who want to modify their vehicle is the expensive price of the paint. With Plasti Dip you don’t have to worry anymore as it is the best way to give your vehicle a fresh new look at affordable prices.

Protect Your Paint

Plasti Dip is a great choice to protect your vehicle’s original factory paint job, maintaining the highest resale value as possible. You get to protect your car against the normal wear and tear, scratches, etc.

Plasti Dip offers Huge Advantages:

  • Enhances the looks of your car
  • Change your car color whenever you want
  • Have a car lease?- no problem it is removable
  • Continually update your car according to your mood
  • Want to remove it? No residue. No paint loss
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