Give your passengers extra comfort with premium and best in class window tints offered by SD Power Customs. Other than dealing in installation of residential, commercial, cars and plane window tint in San Diego, we also sell tools required for installation. We have a specialized team of installers providing services in El Cajon, San Diego and nearby areas.

Our high quality airplane window tint blocks harmful infrared rays up to 82% and UV rays up to 99.9%. Our window filming products offer superior energy efficiency which makes them a smart choice for the aircraft owners without compromising the quality and comfort.

It is in your best interest to make your plane as comfortable and safe as possible and plane window tinting provides both of these. Window tinting also ensures that the driver isn’t squinted or distracted. Other than this, Plane Window Tinting:

  • Eliminates up to 84% of the heat intake
  • Block up to 99.9% of the harmful UVA Rays
  • Reduce up to 89% of the glare
Aircraft Window Tint

Advantages of installing Plane Window Tint

  • At SD Power Customs in San Diego, we provide you top quality window tints that offer transparency as they are designed with an advanced metallic composite barrier system. It helps in cooling cabin temperatures, enhancing appearance and protecting the interior from fading due to harmful UV rays.
  • It protects the pilots and passengers from high UV radiation which increases up to 5% with every 1000 ft. of altitude.
  • They stop heat from trapping inside the plane and helicopters as the tints we install are designed by the premium material that helps in blocking the significant portion of UV rays without sacrificing the visibility level.
  • It prevents non-metallic materials inside the aircraft from degradation due to high UV radiation as their combination with high temperature accelerates the level of damage.
  • It increases the service life of the components inside the airplane resulting in saving your money.

Why SD Power Customs?

Quality is what makes us stand ahead of our competitors. We have a wide variety of window tint options to match the unique needs of aircraft owners. Installers team at SD Power Customs, have received a special training on the installation of vinyl wraps, plastic dips and plane window tint in San Diego to give you a perfect finish.

Customer Support

Our team members evaluate the project and recommend our customers the film that best suits their needs allowing them to make their decisions wisely.


We have completed various projects successfully and have a good record of happy clients. We use products designed by exclusive brand, Solar Platinum and offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

How we install?

We value our customers’ time! So, we offer quick and superior installation without disturbing the working hours of the airlines. However, the completion time of any project varies according to the surface area that needs to be tinted. Contact us for further assistance on aircraft tinting.

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