Give your home a comfortable atmosphere and an upscale new appearance with cost-effective home window tinting services in San Diego by SD Power Customs. Along with privacy and reduced cooling expenses, home window tint also protect your expensive indoor belongings from the dangerous UV rays.

We have years of experience in providing installation services of home window tint in San Diego and nearby areas. Our commitment to superior services and customer satisfaction at reasonable costs keep us a step ahead of our competitors.

We have a variety of styles to meet your style. You can choose one of the following:

  • Decorative Tints
  • Safety & Privacy window tints
  • UV blocking window tints
  • Security films

Dark Rooms – Not at all!

The darkness of the window film can be measured by the percentage of light it allows inside which is a technical term denoted as the visible light transmission (VLT). You can select a window tint with a VLT value ranging from 5% to 70 %. The more tint you need, the lower VLT percentage you need to select.

Our professionals at SD Power Customs have extensive experience in quality installation of home window tints in San Diego and do their work by giving attention to every detail. They will provide you the right information on tint selection as per your requirement at the best possible home window tinting cost.

home window tint
house window tint

What All You Get Under Our Home Tinting Package?

Best Installation and Coverage

SD Power customs adhere to the principles of superior quality and best installation, so we use high-quality materials and hire professionals who have vast experience in tint installation. You can trust us for the successful installation with full window coverage at the very first attempt..


We make use of window filming exclusively designed by Solar platinum and are confident about our quality. Working with a sole aim of providing exceptional support to our customers, we also offer them a lifetime warranty on our products.

Best price

You will get the most affordable services here at SD Power customs with no loopholes in quality and installation.

Our process of window Tinting Installation

Our installers carefully take the measurements of the windows and cut the tinted film accordingly with a little extra margin. Our installation process begins with a thorough cleaning of glass to remove dirt and debris accumulated on it.

We then use a squeegee to properly dry the surface and apply the tint. For a clean finish, we again use squeegee over the entire window.

However, you need to remember a few things after the tint installation:

  • Do not clean your windows immediately after installation
  • Always make use of soft product for cleaning
  • Take care tips from the installer

If you have any further queries, connect with our tint experts now:

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